My favourite site is not included in Social Bookmarks.

You can contact me with the name of the site and its URL and I will include it in a future release.

What is a Site Pack?

The Social Bookmarks includes a lot of sites (around 70!) but possibly it misses out the one that you want to have on your site. Site Packs are collection of social bookmarking sites that can be added on the Social Bookmarking plugin.

Where can I download a Site Pack?

You can download a collection of Site Packs from the Social Bookmarks repository.

Is it possible to include a site to a Site Pack?

Sure! just contact me with the link and a logo and I will include it in the next revision of the relevant Site Pack.

Can I create and distribute my own Site Pack?

Of course! Simply get a copy of the Template Pack and follow the simple instructions included in the pack.

Do I have to wait for another plugin release to get an updated list of sites?

The releases of the Site Packs are independent of the plug-in core releases.

I think that I have a problem with the plugin.

You can report your issues to me using the Bugtracker over on Before you do so, please check whether someone else has reported the same issue. If not then, go ahead and add it making sure that you include as much technical information as possible and an accurate description of your issue.

Social Bookmarks is missing a feature that I really want!

Well, in this case, submit your feature request on Bugtracker and I will include it in a future release.

I love your work! Do you accept donations?

If you feel that my work is worth a penny then you could press the button below to send this penny to me.